Paweł Zagańczyk graduated with honors from the Academy of Music. Stanislaw Moniuszko in Gdansk accordion class of prof. Christopher Olczak, where he serves as an assistant. He is the winner of more than twenty accordion competitions. He has performed in Lithuania, England, Estonia, Finland, Slovakia, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland.

Pawel Zagańczyk contractor has the ability to find a variety of musical genres and stylistykach. Works with jazzman - saxophonist Adam Wendt, the fruit of which is a CD titled Acoustic Travel. With Zagan Acoustic Quartet, of which he is the founder, performs improvised music, which is a fusion of folk, jazz and classical.

Among the conductors beside they are performed: Michael Nesterowicz, May Metelska, Jerzy Maksymiuk, Bohdan Janusz Przybylski Jarmołowicz whether or Ariel Ludwiczak. She has many first performances of contemporary music by such artists as: Krzesimir Dębski, Nicholas Majkusiak, Krzysztof Olczak, Cezary Bead, Gerhard Stabler or Marek Czerniewicz.

Open teaching career success of his students at national and international competitions. He is also a lecturer at the workshop accordion in Seili (Finland) and Wejherowie (Poland).

                 Pawel Zagańczyk is also known as a maker of musical life including organizing Gdansk festival Accordion Music Art Interpretation, whose seventh edition will be held in December 2014.

Recently, much attention devoted tango. Was registered Tango solo album, showing that species in the works by various composers. Dissertation was also created, which shows, among others, the history of tango. Pawel Zagańczyk bandoneon also performs with German Uwe Hartenhauera manufactory.

Among the important awards he has received for his artistic activities include: Pomeranian Artistic Hope, scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Marshal of Pomerania, the Mayor of Gdansk, Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland.